Enabling Electric Mobility Scale from Base Camp to the Peak

"Sparkz and the United Auto Workers are helping us lead that charge by recognizing the climate technology we need should be made by America’s best-trained workforce. Thanks to their partnership, the next generation batteries manufactured in California will be more sustainable, more efficient, and help secure the energy storage supply chain to ensure California achieves its zero-carbon emission goals."
Gavin Newsom


"With this partnership, Sparkz and UAW are helping create good-paying, high-quality American jobs building batteries for our clean energy and transportation future."
John Podesta



Establishing cathode material manufacturing in the US

Unlocking the potential of Lithium-ion batteries. 

Reimagining Proven Technology to deliver a high performance, low cost and safer Lithium-ion battery.

Transforming Electric Mobility with Cathode Active Material produced in the US using a domestic supply chain of raw materials.


Cathode Active Material (CAM) using No Cobalt and No Nickel 

Offers enhanced energy density with longer cycle life and a safer battery

Supply Chain Solution

Sustainable Supply Chain

All raw materials sourced in North America

Manufacturing Solution

First Cathode Material Manufacturer

with No Cobalt and No Nickel in the USA


Social & Environmental Justice

Sustainability & Just Transition

Sparkz is building a domestic battery ecosystem that is focused on just transition from a consumptive economy to regenerative economy.

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Founder & CEO

Dr. Sanjiv Malhotra

Dr. Sanjiv Malhotra is the founder and CEO of Sparkz—the battery start-up reinventing the energy supply chain.


Malhotra has been a leader in the energy sector for nearly three decades as a founder, investor and executive. Most recently, he served as the inaugural director for the Energy Investor Center at the U.S Department of Energy (DOE), serving under both Democratic and Republican administrations.


At DOE, Malhotra led the Obama Administration’s initiative to boost public-private partnerships to accelerate the commercialization of technologies developed in national research centers like Oak Ridge National Labs.


Malhotra was recruited to the Department of Energy after a successful exit of Oorja Protonics—the world leader in methanol fuel cells—which he founded and led as CEO for 10 years. Oorja raised $50 Million in equity financing from leading VCs such as Sequoia, DAG Ventures, Artis Capital and others during his tenure. He boosted Oorja’s revenue and profitability growth, while expanding operations globally in Japan, China, South Africa, Mexico, and India.


Oorja was acquired in 2014 by the Private Equity firm MinXing Growth Fund.


As an investor and consultant, Malhotra has worked at leading venture capital firms, including Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers as an advisor on clean energy and advanced materials.


Earlier in his career, Malhotra led the engineering and product development team at H Power, a pioneer in hydrogen fuel cells. As part of the management team, he managed the successful IPO, which raised more than $100 million in August 2000.


He began his career as a post-doctoral fellow at the renowned Lawrence Berkeley National Labs on electrochemical storage systems. Dr. Malhotra has authored seven patents and more than 40 publications in various fields of energy storage technology and materials. He holds a PhD in chemical engineering and an M.B.A from University of Iowa.